Playing with photo boards

Telling a wedding story

So I see these great photo story boards all the time.  Call it a collage or what you will, I thought I would try to create one myself, just to see how it would turn out.  Pretty cool actually, I like telling a story with photos and I think I will do it more often for clients.  It does take some fiddling with in Photoshop, but after you get the hang of how to get the photos positioned in the layers it goes by much more quickly.  I think the hardest part is picking what photos to use! 

These are some black and white photos I had from a wedding I photographed with Josh Gatlin (of Josh Gatlin Photography) last year up in the foothills of Sacramento, near Placerville.  

I also did this next one to use as a little sample of my wedding photography.  I would love to start doing even more weddings with my pal and partner Josh in the Sacramento area, or really anywhere in California.  We have already traveled several places to photograph weddings…from Monterrey to the Sierra Nevada…I love what we do and can’t wait for more!

Jewel Photography will be doing more weddings soon to add to the blog and create more story boards.  I will be posting soon about a really beautiful maternity session I recently did for a sweet friend of mine…stay tuned! 


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