Getting ready for THE day

I knew this wedding was going to be amazing.  The old tree-lined road along the river leading to the Grand Island Mansion is one that makes you want to drive forever.  The Sacramento Delta is such a beautiful place, and on this day it was glistening.

I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect room for Alyssa to get ready in.  I have been to the Grand Island Mansion before. Therefore, it’s grandeur and beauty were no surprise.  Yet, it was picture perfect to see this beautiful young lady getting ready for the biggest day of her life.  I decided to write  this blog about just her getting ready.  The rest will come later, but for now, let’s take a little glimpse into what it was like for Alyssa to prepare for her very special day.

I know brides are nervous at this point.  There are a lot of eyes on them and this is a very important day.  I try to be lighthearted and calm.  I have had many brides thank me for this.  I’m not the photographer to be yelling “it’s time to go!”  I like to be a fly on the wall and document things as they happen.  This is when a true story is told.  
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