Half Moon Bay Boho Beach Wedding

Grey Whale Cove  |  Danny & Elaina

Like most weddings I do, this one was a bit of a drive from Sacramento.  I was excited to photograph a wedding on the beach again…there is just something about feeling that misty ocean air that invigorates you.  Josh and I stop at our traditional eatery (McDonald’s!) to load up on calories to get us through the day.  On our way to the beach house, we pass the sign for Grey Whale Cove where they will be married. I quickly glance to the right and see cliffs surrounding an almost secluded beach.  This was going to be amazing!

The day of Danny and Elaina’s wedding was the first time I ever met them.  You would think this would be a tad awkward, but not at all, they made me feel instantly welcome!  Everyone there was so kind and down to earth that it was easy to fit right in.  Maybe it was the serene ocean view surrounding us that made everything calm…it was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful and fun

The day went perfectly.  Just as you would envision a beach wedding to be.  Beautiful, romantic, fun, relaxed, and full of LOVE! These two were making me laugh and cry and are truly special people.

Danny and Elaina were so kind, making sure we got dinner and some cookies for the drive back to Sacramento.  It was their day and they were worried about US!  We had many laughs and after hugs and photos with the bride and groom, we were on our way home.

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