Fall Kids Portraits | Sacramento

I’m here to tell you there is such a thing as a stress free photo shoot. It might be full of silly faces and funny noises….and you might need a nap afterwards…but please make a vow to let your next kid’s photo shoot be worry and stress free! I have a few tips that make things easier with little ones.

  1. Yes to bribes and no to threats. Don’t fill the kids head with pending punishment if they don’t behave perfectly…make it sound like something extremely fun and follow up with a little bribe if needed.
  2. Let them pick out their clothes. YES! Don’t worry, it will be from a few outfits you have selected. Make sure you are happy with anything they choose (from the pre-picked and pre-approved outfits). This gives them some control over what is going to happen.
  3. Keep things light and let the photographer take the lead. I usually have some warm up time to talk to the kids to get a feel for what they will allow.
  4. Back up the silliness. I love it when parents or family members join in on the goofiness to get some genuine smiles and laughter. Play, tickle, joke around…just be silly. Your kids will have more fun and you will get happy photos and not forced smiles.
  5. Let go of perfection. No kids are perfect or behave perfectly. Let them be kids and I promise we will get some great photos that you will love forever!

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Heavenly at Tahoe wedding

Tahoe…there’s nothing better than that blue blue of the water and well, pretty much everything about Lake Tahoe is amazing. Not to make other weddings jealous, but Tahoe weddings are kinda my favorite.

My friend and fellow photographer, Anita Martin asked me to photograph a wedding with her up at Heavenly Resort so of course I had to! Anita is so fun to work with and just wicked talented (I went to Boston once so I can say wicked now). We drove up together, because, well, we both love to talk. When we arrived at “the guys” Lake Tahoe house, Anita and I parted ways, then I got to hang out and tag along with the fellas riding up the gondola to Heavenly Lakeview Lodge. This is seriously the way to go for a wedding, it is SO much fun. The ceremony site is on a cliff overlooking Lake Tahoe. I mean, come on, it is just the best place to say your wedding vows and then dance the night away.

Amanda & DJ Sacramento Engagement

This engagement session was so enjoyable, we laughed and just had a relaxed and fun time! I love it when the groom to be says at the end, “that is it? that was easy!”

Congratulations to this sweet couple, may you have a beautiful wedding and a long happy marriage!

Nestled in a grove of oak trees, this park in Natomas is minutes away from downtown Sacramento and one of my favorite little spots to take photos. The path leads you through large historic oak trees, which you wouldn’t know are there, just minutes away from the freeway.

Moroccan Styled Bridal Shower

Planning the ultimate ladies party is pretty fun when you can go over the top with a theme like Moroccan! Sometimes we go a bit more subdued for the wedding color palate, so it’s fun to live it up at the bridal shower. This private restaurant patio was a beautiful setting for a party. Many restaurants let you rent out their patio, so this is a great option!

Peruse these fun photos for ideas!

Dominic’s first birthday cake smash!

Baby bear’s first birthday cake

I’m a little late posting this, but any time is a good time for my baby’s first birthday photos! Dominic had fun devouring his homemade vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and blackberry filling…made by moi. I love making all the kiddos birthday cakes from scratch. They are so much better! Anyway…not much to say that isn’t already said with these photos, other than how lucky I am to have this little guy. He is such a blessing.

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area with Courtney

I’m blogging again…I swear! Ok, so my photographer friend Courtney Carlmark and I have been location scouting a few times and this time we checked out the Yolo Bypass Wildlife area to see what it had to offer for a sunset shoot. I have driven by a million times (ok, maybe two million) and have always thought it was so pretty. My fam couldn’t join, but Courtney brought her 3 littles with us on the adventure. These are the cutest little beings, I just love them. I got to hold the baby (bonus*) and take some picks of Courtney being the amazing photographer that she is and she also took a few of me…

So….we got kicked out at sunset, but now we know they close the gate exactly at sunset. There were a lot of people there checking out the bats, which was super cool and I would like to  go back with my daughter to show her. The bats are under the Yolo bypass during the day and they all fly out at sunset to eat!

Here’s what I took from the excursion…note that Courtney is taking photos with a baby strapped to her and yes, her photos still turn out absolutely gorgeous. I will share those photos later! I would love to go back again to take some more family photos. The area is HUGE and it is a beautiful open space for photography!


Fun was had by all! Get a hold of me if you would like to go on a little adventure with your family for photos…it’s so fun!

Until next time! Ciao!

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Mission Ranch, Carmel | Kristin & Shawn

Kristin and Shawn’s love for one another and their families was so amazing to see. They are such caring and nice people. Everyone had so much fun at this wedding and it was definitely a night to remember!

I was very excited for this wedding, as I had done family and engagement photos for Kristin and Shawn, so we had known each other for some time. The backdrop was a grass covered hillside with fluffy little sheep grazing in front of the ocean. Rough life! It was of course a gorgeous day in Carmel…I just love the ocean weather, a nice break from Sacramento heat. The wedding was held at Mission Ranch  which is pretty much gorgeous all around. 

Here are the pre-ceremony photos….I just love the anticipation before the ceremony. So much thought went into planning and getting ready for this wedding so I wanted to make sure to capture the details and the excitement.