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Kate & Jeff
Friday, June 13, 2014
Night of the “honey”moon
Taber Ranch
Capay, CA

So, good friends of mine got married a couple of months ago, and I really wanted to fully enjoy the wedding and not be obsessed with getting great photos.  They were married at the beautiful Taber Ranch in Capay . Taber Ranch has so much to offer–sprawling with vineyards, olive orchards, hills, and oak trees. The hike up to the stunning view and backdrop to their ceremony, was a work out to say the least. But once you got up there and caught your breath, it was quickly taken away by the golden hills.

I had to photograph a wedding on the beach in Tahoe the next day, so I brought my old camera and a lens that I wouldn’t need (you can never be too careful), and decided I would only take a few casual shots. Well, I was good and didn’t take very many. And although I may have had a few adult beverages, I actually really liked the photos I got.  Some were more like outtakes and many were just plain funny, but I got some nice shots that I felt captured the greatness of this event.  The first several were taken through tears (and a fingerprint laden lens, thanks to my 3 year old).  These are all very close to my heart and therefore being documented here so I will always remember this beautiful day.


Me and hubby: photo by Erin Pyne
The stunning outdoor farm style tables at Taber Ranch. The dinner setting was spectacular!
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