Mission Ranch, Carmel | Kristin & Shawn

Kristin and Shawn’s love for one another and their families was so amazing to see. They are such caring and nice people. Everyone had so much fun at this wedding and it was definitely a night to remember!

I was very excited for this wedding, as I had done family and engagement photos for Kristin and Shawn, so we had known each other for some time. The backdrop was a grass covered hillside with fluffy little sheep grazing in front of the ocean. Rough life! It was of course a gorgeous day in Carmel…I just love the ocean weather, a nice break from Sacramento heat. The wedding was held at Mission Ranch  which is pretty much gorgeous all around. 

Here are the pre-ceremony photos….I just love the anticipation before the ceremony. So much thought went into planning and getting ready for this wedding so I wanted to make sure to capture the details and the excitement.  









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