Scouting for photography locations

As a photographer, one must scout locations before you can actually take a client there. I actually love doing this, but don’t get to do it very often. I make priority for weddings and photo shoots that are at new locations. Uncharted territory can be daunting at first. I start by looking for light, texture, angles, and my favorite…earthy objects, such as trees, water, rock, sand, wood.

I found this little horse hidden on the side of a very old historical building in Oak Park. I love old brick and this little guy was even more awesome because he was covered in vines!

Old brick building
Historical brick building in Oak Park

My assistant photographer liked this path at Discovery Park in Sacramento as a possibility for family portraits, although she was getting a tad bored.

Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA
Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA portrait location

wedding-portrait-photographer_0023  wedding-portrait-photographer_0025

wedding-portrait-photographer_0026 wedding-portrait-photographer_0027 wedding-portrait-photographer_0024wedding-portrait-photographer_0028


There’s something exciting about discovering new locations to take pretty photos! I like to take every client to a new location, it seems to keep things fresh and interesting. Have you found a place you love and want to take photos there?  Let me know and I would be happy to explore that location with you!

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