Finding treasures | Downtown Sacramento

Headshots often require the perfect backdrop and the perfect lighting. On this beautiful morning, Heather and I were walking around and I was hunting for a spot that would both convey her personality and highlight her sky blue eyes. We started on K street in Downtown Sacramento, since I hadn’t been able to appreciate the murals up close and I really thought they would make a cool backdrop.

We happened across the most wonderful mural that seemed to tell her story and suited her to a tee. Heather Wood Rudolph is a strong, talented writer is most often seen writing for Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, and DAME. Therefore, when we saw this mural by #bamrtheartist  we were just in awe of it’s vivid portrayal of strength and beauty.

There have been many more murals popping up in Downtown Sacramento, so if you get a chance, make it a point to go check them out. There is also a Sacramento Mural Festival that I would love to go to. Seeing the artists in action would be amazing.

We took some headshots with neutral backgrounds, but these were by far my favorite!


Pop over to my website to see more portraits! I love exploring new places so contact me and we can come up with a plan to make your ideas happen!

xoxoxox ~Julie


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